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"Como chingas."

Ancient Mexican Proverb (via karinavonpeet)


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Yeah asshole


"I’m going to be an artist."
"Do you have any advice for other artists?"
"Don’t press down too hard with your crayons."


"Wow your so pretty for a black girl."

"You can’t be FULL black. Are you mixed? You gotta be mixed."

"I’m not really attracted to black girls but your the sexist black girl I ever seen."

"You don’t act black!"

"You talk like a white girl."

"Black girls aren’t suppose to smile. You better bring some attitude hon-nay lol"

"I can fuck you but I can’t show you to my parents, they wouldn’t like me dating a black girl."

"OMG thats so ghetto!"

"Is your hair real?"

"You can’t be bubbly! Your black!" 

The dumb shit I hear on a daily bases from white people.

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